5 Reasons To Be Semi-Retired With Your Own Commercial Truck Service

Posted on: 16 July 2015


Trucking is one industry that is growing quickly and is projected to keep expanding into the near future. A report by the American Trucking Association, called the US Freight Transportation Forecast, states that the trucking industry can expect to grow 66% by 2022. This means that companies will be looking for new transportation solutions when it comes to shipping and delivery of products. When more trucks are needed, more opportunities become available to freelance truckers and small trucking businesses. Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a semi truck and starting your own business as a trucker after retirement from your career. 


The main reason for anyone to begin a second career after retirement is to continue to earn money while you collect retirement benefits. Sometimes employees are forced to retire before they are ready, and some may take advantage of opportunities to be bought out by their companies. If you find yourself retired but with another fifteen or twenty years left that you will be able to work, you might consider taking on a new job. Trucking can be a good choice. 

Joining the trucking industry will take some time and research. You will need to take a class in driving large trucks as well as get your commercial trucking license. You will also need to study the laws governing trucking and running a trucking business. 

Bring a Spouse

One reason people choose trucking as a second career is that you can bring your spouse along with you. This is perfect for a retired couple who want to continue to work but also spend time with each other. Your spouse may even wish to get a trucking license so you can take turns on the road. 

See the Country

When you own your own semi truck or trucking company, you choose which companies you want to work with. This means that you can take jobs that allow you to see any part of the country you wish. While you will be required to stick to a schedule when you are shipping items, you can also treat the whole experience as an extended road trip. 

Set Your Own Schedule

When you are working for yourself, you will be able to set your own schedule. You can choose to drive your truck only certain months of the year or in certain seasons, giving you time to spend with family and participating in hobbies and other activities. 

You may also choose to buy more than one truck and have another trucker working for you. Your employee can work during the times you would like to be off. 

Stay Active

If you are a person who rejects the idea of spending the rest of your life on the front porch in a rocking chair, trucking may be the perfect choice for you. Truckers are out in the world meeting new people and having new experiences. They face challenges on the road including maintenance of the vehicle and finding the fastest or more efficient route to their destinations. 

Your trucking career will give you a chance to stay engaged with the public and to feel like you are continuing to contribute to your community and to society. 

If you find that you are facing retirement but have no desire to stop working, consider the trucking industry as a possible choice for you. You can buy just one truck and make contracts with various companies making shipments all over the country. You can also buy more than one truck and have employees working for you. 

Trucking is a great second career. When you buy your own semi truck at a semi truck sale, you are giving yourself new freedom and the chance for adventure.