Windshield Wipers — Great Online Buying Tips To Consider

Posted on: 6 June 2023


You can buy all sorts of auto parts today online. Windshield wipers are some of the most important for when it rains. If your vehicle needs a new set, here are some shopping insights to remember.

Measure the Current Wiper Blades

Before you replace wipers on your windshield, use a measuring tape to determine their length dimensions. It's critical to ensure the new wipers are set up quickly and work great when it rains.

All you need is a standard measuring tape. Start at one end and extend the tape measure until you reach the other side. You can then use these measurements when you shop for wipers online. 

Even if you can find out your vehicle's standard windshield wiper size online, it's still a good idea to physically measure the current wipers just in case their dimensions differ from the dimensions that you're able to find.

Consider a Silicone Variety 

If you want to go above and beyond with the new windshield wipers you buy online for your vehicle, consider a silicone variety. It's way more durable than conventional OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wipers. 

Silicone materials are entirely weatherproof, so you should get many years from the new wipers after you set them up correctly on your vehicle. The durability of silicone also comes in handy during the new wipers' installation. You can be pretty rough with them when getting them into position and still rest assured they'll hold up. For instance, if you hit them against something or bend a section, you shouldn't have to worry about damage.

Make Sure Wipers Maintain Windshield Contact

When it rains while you drive, you'll rely on the windshield wipers to move water aside and provide a clear view of the road ahead. If you wish to continue seeing clearly, ensure your new wipers keep their contact with the windshield. 

They should press on the windshield firmly to ensure they wipe away water effectively with every pass. You may want to see different windshield wipers perform in person before you make your selection to know you're getting optimal performance from such a critical auto part. 

You may need to replace your windshield wipers at some point, whether because they're old or don't provide the same type of performance anymore. If you do your best to get long-lasting wipers that perform great when it rains, you'll be grateful for your selection during those rainy days out on the road.  

For more info about auto parts, contact a local company.